About Us

Please Meet Pace

 - Pace, shown here playing the 1st prototype at a park

Pace is the fun loving, sports-minded, energetic 9 yr old inventor of Hoop Roll. One rainy Sunday afternoon at home, Pace got creative and put “hoops” at the opposite ends of a hallway. He made up a game (to play with his dad) with the goal of rolling a small, bouncy ball through the hoop down the hall. A scoring system was set up and the race to “win” was on. Hoop Roll™ then became a fun "go to" activity. The game eventually evolved to be played outdoors (Mom came up with the great idea of adding the stakes!). 

Sports and competition are a huge part of Pace's household (he has 3 older, sports-minded BIG brothers) so it was natural for this type of competitive, fun event to occur. Pace thought it would be “cool” to share the game with people all over the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

The hallway where it all started - 






Playground Hopes                    

Playground Hopes is an important part of the Hoop Roll™ story. Pace, like pretty much every kid on the planet, loves a good playground. So, he and his parents started Playground Hopes.

Playground Hopes mission is to build accessible playgrounds in areas where children may not have access to a fun, safe environment. Part of the proceeds from every Hoop Roll™ purchased will go towards this mission. And, you can bet that any playground built will have a Hoop Roll™ on site! We hope you enjoy The Original Hoop Roll as much as we do and know that with your purchase you're supporting a great cause!